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Is your check engine light on?

Do you have a problem with your car transmission system and need someone to check it out for you? AM Gearboxes specialises in cost effective repairs to your transmission, so whatever the problem, we'll make sure it's sorted quickly, causing you minimal disruption.

The simplest solutions

- Rebuilt transmissions

- Used transmissions

- Transmission repairs

- Rear axle work

- Clutch repairs

- Professional advice you can trust

- Large supply of parts in stock

- Affordable prices

Get advice from qualified mechanics

Not every transmission needs a complete rebuild to tackle the underlying problem. We'll give you an honest appraisal of the necessary work and a FREE quote.

We do our very best to keep the cost of repairs down.

We can repair transmissions for all makes and models

We always go for the best solution to your transmission problem without compromising on quality. If your gearbox is also causing you trouble, we'll make sure everything's working as it should be.

Transmission repairs